Prayer for Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America by Salam

In the name of the Lord Almighty God, Jesus Christ our Saviour and the Prince of Peace, in the name of the Holy Spirit, our power and teacher that shows us the path to salvation, final judgement and of the truth, nothing but the only truth that comes from and belongs to God.
We pray that you come to President Donald Trump in the United States, with his Wife, the First Lady of the USA.
We pray in the name of all beings in the Isle of New Guinea, who were created and blessed by God Almighty. We pray in the name of all ancestors and those will be born into this Isle of New Guinea.
God, you come now and cure Mr. President of the United States of America, cure him from the attack of Coronavirus.
Coronavirus, you know us, you hear us, you follow our orders, from here in the Isle of New Guinea, we order you to get out from Mr. President of the USA and his wife.
We forgive their sins, Oh, Lord! Forgive them for forgetting the suffering and deaths of many Melanesians in West Papua, or ignoring our cause, or knowing but undermining our cause and the problems we are facing under the Indonesian colonial rule.
In the name of the Trinity, we forgive the Netherlands Government who lied to us, after preparing us to become a new nation-state, then turned its back and supported the USA to let Indonesia occupy West Papua. We forgive Indonesia for accepting herself to continuously become the colonizer of West Papua, replacing the Netherlands, in the name of development, for the sake of the USA. We forgive them for calling us with the names of animals.
God, you make Indo-natzi to repent! and make them stop killing Melanesians in West Papua, make them stop killing all beings that live in New Guinea Island.
We forgive the USA and the people of the country, for their deliberate efforts to occupy our land and exploit resources from this island of New Guinea. We forgive them for calling us cannibals, uncivilized and need to be educated by Indonesians.
We know that we are calling you “Our Lord!” and praying and talking to YOU, because our sins were forgiven and forgotten, and today we are called the children of God, your children, your disciples, your church. We follow your words and your orders. We forgive because You ask us to do so.
We forgive them, and we ask you to forgive them. We forgive them, not in order to get anything from this, but to release the burdens of bitterness and anger and willingness to take revenge that reside in all of us Melanesians in West Papua. We know by the Holy Spirit that we are ordered to do this, in order that we can come to you with clean hearts and pure mind.
We come to you asking for forgiveness for everyone in the world who are causing troubles in our land. We ask your forgiveness to those carrying out atrocities in our land since Indonesia invaded our homeland to this time.
We come to you declaring that we have forgiven anybody who create troubles in our land, to our peoples and to ourselves. “They know not what they are doing! Lord!”
Forgive Mr. President Doland Trump and his wife! Heal them both! Heal them both: spiritually and physically!
Forgive the Netherlands, the people, the kingdom, the government and the leaders.
Forgive Indonesia, the people, the government, the leaders, the blind Indonesian nationalists, and the military dan police of Indonesia.
In particular, forgive the families and children of Sukarno, Suharto, Ali Murtopo, Sarwo Edie, Prabowo Subianti, Jusuf Kalla, Joko Widodo, P
Forgive us our sins. Deliver us from satan, who is liar and the father of all lies.
We pray in Jesus’ Name!

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