Maklumat 1 Juli 2019

West Papua Revolutionary Army - PANGTIKOR
West Papua Revolutionary Army – PANGTIKOR

Maklumat 01 Juli 2019
Kepada seluruh rakyat West Papua di manapun Anda berada disampaikan “Tiga Maklumat (bangsa Papua) 01 Juli 2019” di Hari Ulang Tahun (HUT) Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Negara Republik West Papua:

  1. Bahwa seluruh rakyat West Papua wajib memperingati HUT Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Negara Republik West Papua yang telah diproklamirkan di Waris Raya, Port Numbay pada 01 Juli 1971 oleh Pemimpin Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM) dengan melangsungkan “Upacara Bendera” atau “Doa Bersama” di seluruh Tanah Papua atau di manapun Anda berada.
  2. Bahwa seluruh rakyat West Papua yang menganggur, yang saat ini berada di kota-kota besar di seluruh Tanah Papua supaya segera berkemas dan pulang ke kampung halaman masing-masing.
  3. Bahwa pada waktu yang sama Negara dan rakyat Indonesia segera bersiap-siap pulang ke tanah leluhurnya untuk merayakan HUT Kemerdekaan Negara Kolonial Republik Indonesia (NKRI) pada tanggal 17 Agustus 2019 di pulau NKRI di Jawa, Madura, Sumatera, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi dan Nusa Tenggara.

Bersiaplah untuk mobilisasi umum dalam rangka menyambut pengakuan internasional atas kemerdekaan bangsa Papua serta kedaulatan politik Negara Republik West Papua dan menyaksikan kepulangan NKRI dari wilayah jajahan Provinsi Papua Barat dan Provinsi Papua atas dasar kebenaran serta prinsip hak asasi manusia dan demokrasi.
Dikeluarkan di: Markas Pusat Pertahanan TRWP
Pada tanggal:     1 Juli 2019
Mathias Wenda, Chief Gen. TRWP
BRN:A.DF 00107676

West Papua Revolutionary Army - Commander in Chief
West Papua Revolutionary Army – Commander in Chief

July 1st, 2019 Declaration
In celebrating the anniversary of the Independence Declaration of the Republic of West Papua in Great Waris, Port Numbay on July 1st, 1971, we hereby declare:

  1. All West Papuans everywhere in the world should commemorate the independence declaration of the Republic of West Papua by the Free Papua Movement (OPM) Leaders on July 1st, 1971.
  2. All West Papuans who live in towns and suburban areas across West Papua should now return to their home-villages as soon as possible;
  3. At the same time, all Indonesians who are still in West Papua should now prepare themselves to return home in Java, Madura, Sumatera, Borneo, Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara Islands and celebrate the independence anniversary of the Indonesian colonial republic on August 17th, 2019.

Be prepared for mobilization of peoples of West Papua in welcoming the international recognition of the political sovereignty of the Republic of West Papua and witness the “going-home” of the colonial Republic of Indonesia from its colonized regions of Papua and Papua Barat provinces based on truth as well as human rights and democratic principles.
Issued in:          WPRA Central Headquarters
On Date:          July 1st, 2019
Mathias Wenda, Chief Gen. TRWP
BRN: A.DF 00107676


This information dissemination (maklumat) is issued by the Commander in Chief of the West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) in commemorating the independence anniversary of the Republic of West Papua as well as a direct response to the Indonesian infiltration into the military and government of Papua New Guinea in recent years.
In the last 2 months only, there have been rumours and letters spreading around the border community and villages, threatening landowners that massive West Papuan refugees influx is about to happen starting from July 2019, and therefore, the landowners across the border area have to be prepared to handle the problem. At the same time, some so-called OPM commanders wrote letters informing border communities that they will wage war against Indonesia soon, and therefore, be prepared for any respond from Indonesia and any impact of the war.
At the same time the Indonesian colonial government through its Embassy’s Military Attaché in Port Moresby also sent letters via the PNGDF agent in Vanimo to the Commander in Chief of the West Papua Revolutionary Army persuading him to return home. The reason was that Chief Gen. Mathias Wenda is already old and therefore returning home is the best choice for him. The Indonesian and PNG governments said they guarantee his safety and security and Indonesian government also guaranteed his welfare after returning to West Papua. (Refer to Attached Letters).
The PNG Government through its Minister of Foreign Affairs Officer in Vanimo also gathered the West Papuan Community on July 22nd, 2019 at Vanimo Grandstand and openly warned West Papuan peoples that they will be send away to Kiunga or Blackwara Camp and also WPRA troops were accused of destroying the environment, denying the fact that it is the Indonesian and Malaysian companies that clearing massive forests across the border areas freely and without limit at all for so long.
Chief General WPRA Mathias Wenda expresses his disappointment that the PNGDF and PNG Government is facilitating the programme of Indonesian colonial government who clearly occupy half of our New Guinea Island. No native Melanesians from this Island ever accepted the invasion and occupation of Indonesia since 1961 and therefore cooperating with colonial government is a humiliating act for all of us Melanesians in our home island.
Chief General WPRA Mathias Wenda also reminds us all of that his military has been also assisting our PNG military in protecting our border areas, preventing Indonesia from infiltrating and taking over our land on the eastern half and from pushing the border lines over to PNG territories as it has clearly done in Wutung.
The WPRA is now ready to wage military campaigns against colonial power and occupying military forces across the border and threfore asking for the support and protection from all landowners across the border areas from Port Numbay/ Vanimo, Sandaun Province in the North to Maroke/ Western Province in the South and from the government, police and military of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. The presence and occupation of West Papua by Malay-Indos colonial power is a serious threat to democracy, Melanesian human race and our rich natural resources we inherited from our ancestors. We should be wise and truthful with this real devastating threat to our future as human race on planet Earth. Denying and/or ignoring it for the sake of pennies and lips-service politics will surely sacrifice our own fate as human race on our won island.
West Papua Revolutionary Army is asking all Melanesians across the South Pacific and particularly at the West Papua – PNG border areas to defeat and step out beyond fear, intimidation, and terror and money politics being played by Indonesian colonialists since 1960s.

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