I Pray for Pastor John Hagee in the USA: Be Healed and Preach the Gospel

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Pastor John Hagee has preached the Gospel for long time, I have listened to his sermons in YouTube and have been blessed by what he preach, particularly about Israel, blessing and the united states of America and blessing she gets from blessing Israel.
I just heard him preaching about “God will remove everyone you love, in order that you surrender to Him ONLY! This sermon I hear just after my only begotten son had just passed away and I found this very moving. I also listened to his sermon entitled, “John Hagee (SPECIAL MESSAGE) “I’M AFRAID, BUT I’LL GO!” Powerful Sermon | MUST WATCH | SEP 25″.
God, your servant Pastor John Hagee is now infected Coronavirus, but as I heard the news about him, my heart saddened, my spirit wants to pray. Just the same I felt when I heart about Donald Trump and his wife a few days ago, and I did pray, and I did believe you will heal them, and yes they are healthy today October 7, 2020. And today I hear about this pastor John Hagee.
Heal him! Cure him! Get him back to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Doctor of all doctors, the healer of all healers, to heal Rev. John Hagee.
I know that American people, including Pastor John Hagee are ignorant about what is happening here in West Papua, because of the misconduct done by their past generation, by giving away West Papua to Indonesia, the largest Islamic nation-state in the world today. One Pastor of Papua Tabernacle Shurch in Intan Jaya was killed by Indonesian army. Today, a Catholic Priest was also killed in Sugapa, both in the highladns of West Papua. Weapons and military training for Indonesians are provided by the USA and Australia. Not many Americans, and Pastor John Hagee, do not know about this.
We are suffering, we are being killed, due to the American interest in our gold, copper, oil, gas and timber. They close their ears and eyes due to the material lust. I know that Pastor John Hagee is not part of this, and he is a holy man of You God, your servant, your brave servant.
We forgive the sins of the Americans on our Melanesian land, and we ask you to heal the USA.
We thank you for your healing to Mr. President of the USA and his wife. We thank you for healing Pastor John Hagee, because we know you will soon recover his health, in order to defend the Bible, defend Israel, and defend West Papua against the gigantic Islamic nation in the world: Indonesia.
In Jesus’ name, the Prince of Peace,

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