Indonesia accuses 14 West Papuan activists of treason for wanting to be free people. International intervention needed in Merouke, West Papua

14 KNPB managers and members from Merauke were arrested by Indonesian police now behind the iron bars of the Indonesian colonial jailhouse.

Since Sunday 13 December 2020 13:00 until now With accusation of treason (makar).
1. Charles Sraun, 38, Head of KNPB
2. Peter Paul Kontremko, 32,
Vice Chairman
3. Kristian Yandun, 38, member.
4. Robertus Landa, 23,
chairman of the Diplomacy commissioner.
5. Michael Beteop, 24, member.
6. Elias Kmur, 38 years old, member.
7. Marianus Anyum, 25 years old, member.
8. Kristian M. Anggunop, 24, member.
9. Emanuel T Omba, 24, member.
10. Peter kutey, 27 years old, member.
11. Linus pasim, 26 years old, member.
12. Salerius Kamogou, 24, member.
13. Petrus Koweng, 28, member.
14. John Yawon, 23, member.
Exactly on December 15, 2020, families and members of KNPB had time to go to the police station to visit the detainees.
But not allowed by the local colonial police.
They are still being held on charges of treason (makar) or political prisoners of independent West Papua only because of the pictures of the Morning Star Patterns, the KNPB Flag and the writings of the Reverendum in the KNPB (Merauke) secretariat.
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