Breaking News West Papua: One Student Shot, 13 Others Peacefully Refusing Indonesian Autonomy Law were Arbitrarily Arrest by Indonesian Police

Mathias Soo, Shot by Indonesian Security Force in Jayapura
Mathias Soo, Shot by Indonesian Security Force in Jayapura

Peaceful demonstration against special autonomy law being processed in Jakarta by Melanesian students in West Papua was dispersed brutally by Indonesian colonial police today, Tuesday 27 October, 2020. Indonesian military were carrying shot machine guns as well on the spot.

13 students were arested 1 was shot:
1. Apniel Doo
2. Jhon F Tebai
3. Doni Pekei
4. Yabet Likas Degei
5. Meriko Kabak
6. Orgis Kabak
7. Carles Siep
8. Ones Sama
9. Yanias Mirin
10. Arkilaus Lokon
11. Kristianbus Degei
12. Laban Helukan
13. Ausilius Magai

One student by the name of MATGIAS SOO was shot by the Indonesian security forces using shot machine gun.

We request media and advocacy locally and globally.

#Mahasiswa #WestPapua #TolakUUOtonomiKhusus #Referendum #PapuaMerdeka #FreeWestPapua

Video of the incident, provided by the The ULMWP Department of Political Affairs 

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