Bougainvillean President Reiterates 4th Cabinet

President Ishmael Toroama reiterated his 14-member Cabinet following the House of Representatives’ initial sitting this afternoon.
President Toroama had appointed his cabinet, which includes two women ministers, last Friday.

After his address, 26 of the other Members made their congratulatory messages to the president, his government and fellow Members.

Some also took the opportunity to outline plans for their respective constituencies.

Parliament will continue tomorrow.

The Ministers are as follows:

  1. Hon. Ishmael Toroama: President and Minister for Inter-government Affairs, President and Bougainville Executive Council, Media and Communications
  2. Hon. Patrick Nisira: Vice President and Minister for Economic Development (Member for Halia Constituency)
  3. Hon. Mathias Salas: Minister for Finance and Treasury (Member for North Nasioi Constituency)
  4. Hon. Ezekiel Massat: Minister for Justice, Attorney General and Post Referendum Dialogue and Consultation (Member for Tonsu Constituency)
  5. Hon. Thomas Tarii: Minister for Police and Correctional Services (Member for South Bougainville Veterans)
  6. Hon. Rodney Osioko: Minister for Mineral and Energy Resources (Member for Kokoda Constituency)
  7. Hon. Dr Joseph Kim Swuamaru: Minister for Technical Services (Member for Kopi Constituency)
  8. Hon. Raymond Masono: Minister for Health (Member for Atolls Constituency)
  9. Hon. Thomas Pataaku: Minister for Community Government (Member for Ramu Constituency)
  10. Hon. Theonila Roka Matbob: Minister for Education (Member for Ioro Constituency)
  11. Hon. Thompson Gitovea: Minister for Community Development (Member for Taonita-Teop Constituency)
  12. Hon. Melvin Igiras Wilolopa: Minister for Public Service (Member for Lato Constituency)
  13. Hon. Robert Hamal Sawa: Minister for Lands, Physical Planning, Environment and Conservation (Member for Hagogohe Constituency)
  14. Hon. Yolande Geraldine Paul: Minister for Primary Industries and Marine Resources (Member for Central Bougainville Women)

President Toroama had said, he had appointed two female members to the cabinet “to ensure there is recognition of the dynamic role that our women have in Bougainville society. I am confident that these two women leaders will perform exceptionally in their new roles as key ministers in this government.”

“Further, I have retained key ministers who were instrumental in the Momis-Masono government such as Hon. Raymond Masono, Hon. Thomas Pataaku, Hon. Ezekiel Massat and Hon. Robert Hamal Sawa.

“I have done this to ensure balance and more importantly, the caliber and experience of these ministers will be valuable for nurturing the younger leaders we have in this House.

“As I have stated in my maiden inaugural speech, that my government intends to help our young and upcoming population to fully realize their potential. This also applies to our young leaders. This cabinet has seen the appointment of some of our young elected leaders.

“As President, I believe that by promoting our young talent in all aspects, we collectively help to create a vibrant and energetic environment for them to be more innovative and fully grow to realize their potential.

“While I have all the confidence in this new cabinet, I am also mindful that such appointments come with greater responsibilities. I want to remind all appointed Ministers that the role you have been accorded with will collectively contribute to Bougainville’s progressive development and aspirations.

“You are the ones that will work together with me to ensure that this government’s 100 day plan and all other immediate and long term strategies are implemented effectively and transparently for the betterment and improved livelihoods of the people of Bougainville.

“I will be calling a review of performance of all my cabinet ministers after 18 months in office.”

*The Bougainvillean

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