Powes Parkop: Key point from Xi Jinping Speech

“Global growth is shadowed by protectionism and unilateralism.

…key engine driving global growth…however not all are success story…WW2 for instance…..not far from where we are meeting today was a scene of bloody battle….ancient Chinese saying …..one should clean the mirror before looking at the mirror….one must learn from the lessons of the past before embarking on the future… Short Sighed approach of Protectionism and Unilateralism must to overshadow global cooperation in APEC….

Right approach needed….protectionism and unilateralism will not solve our problems. Once who closes his door will cut himself off from rest of the world. We should set our sight on free trade area of APC….NO to protectionism and unilateralism….We should pursue development to benefit ALL people…..No one has the right to stop people from the developing countries to enjoy qualities of life….it is a moral responsibilities of developed countries to share gains to developing countries We developed countries should honor and increase support to developing countries…..

Take an inclusive approach and promote interaction will all members of APEC and rest of the world…This planet we called home is one planet only we have…..it has some 2000 countries and 7 billion people…difference will not solve problem…diversity and integration is the way forward …reject prejudice…embrace diversity….promote coexistence in harmony… we should pursue innovation to growth….green energy…..New business …big data…AI ….in a boat race those who paddle the hardest will win…..we should promote innovation…The sweeping Technology Revolution will change the world forever….

Developed country should not promote profit making took from Scientific and Technological Inventions. Developed countries has a key role and moral duty to play to lower the gap of Technological Divide……fruits of Innovation and technology must reach more people in the developing countries . Developing countries must have more say in the reform in global trade ….

History has shown that confrontation in the form of Cold War or Hot War will produce no winner. China embarked in 1978 on the great Reform. Over the past 40 years China made solid progress….believe in self reliant and turn into a world’s second largest economy….it is the relentless effort of the Chinese people that made China to what you see today. Attract 2 trillion dollars in foreign investment. Guided by people centred development policies.Took 780 million people out of poverty. Established the world largest social safety network. Actively supported other developing countries pursue development agendas and priorities. China Enhance connectivity through the one belt one road initiative (BRI). BRI is a platform for Connectivity and inclusive policy.

It is not a trap as some people as labeled it…it is transparent and inclusive. In April next year China will host the belt and road roadshow in Beijing and invite all international communities to attend.” President of the Republic of China President Xi Jingping. Powerful Speech.

Source: Powes Parkopi Facebook.com

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3 thoughts on “Powes Parkop: Key point from Xi Jinping Speech

  1. Thomas. Misili Chinese does not make fair trade with us we keep import a lot from them all sorts of products good and also some of poor quality and fake.while we did not make any attempt to export our country made products like rice coffee tin of fish(besta as example)and soft drink like PNG made cococola sprite and ext_

  2. Piskaut Kombeng PNG is a dumping ground for China,,China is looking after crooks like PMPO and you governor,,don’t you see you are selling away PNG cheaply to China?are all shops in POM owned and run by Papua New Guineans?PP you must be blind in your own city..PNG is a colony to China,,you can’t repay the huge loan and China is coming to run POM..tingting na toktok sol..

    1. Powes Parkop Go to Erima and check the shops there. You would find they are owned by Papua New Guineans but leased to Chinese. Ask yourself why? Have you asked yourself too why Stret Pasin stoa scheme failed? Or why the Government Guarantee Scheme set up in the 80s to support PNG businesses failed. What about all the millions pumped into Rural Develoment Bank and it’s predecessor the Agriculture Bank. Where are all the success? Why didn’t we take advantage of the Reserve Business Policy when it existed in the 70s, 80s and 90s and now we cry faul! Why are we always blaming others for our failure and underachievement and not taking a look at ourselves! When you have done an analysis of the failure of these initiatives then we can have a sensible debate. Making cheap arguments without evidence and substance does not help anyone!


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