Ambae’s volcano up close

Vanuatu Daily Post – An exclusive peek into the mouth of Ambae’s volcano. This image, exclusive to the Daily Post, was taken last week when a team trekked up to the summit of mount Lombenben and flew a drone directly over the smoking crater.

Ambae’s volcano up close
Ambae’s volcano up close

The team reported that the landscape on the summit and its approaches had been completely transformed by month’s of ashfall. All roads to west Ambae are cut. Massive mud flows have utterly erased the roads in two locations, the team reported. The entire west side of the island is now accessible only by sea or by air.
The team trekked eight hours to the summit, through a landscape made desolate by the volcano. They report widespread damage and massive disruption to the local population.
They will be presenting their findings to the National Disaster Management Unit later today. The Daily Post will be following up with extensive coverage of the disaster.

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