The ULMWP Office of Anim-Ha Territory Inaugurated

Photo documentation ULMWP received by about the inauguration of ULMWP office in Anim-Ha Region, Merauke, Papua (Photo: dok.

ANIM-HA, – Commemorating the first day of the 1969 Redistribution of the People’s Assembly (Pepera) in Merauke on July 14, the indigenous peoples of Anim-Ha, Merauke, Papua, inaugurated the office of United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) .
According to a written statement obtained by today (15/07), the inauguration of the office was conducted by ULMWP Legislative Secretary, Eliaser Anggaigon and attended by local indigenous peoples. The inauguration of the office was also accompanied by a statement of attitudes representing the 30 indigenous tribes in Anim-Ha, which among others rejected the 1969 Pepera and supported the Papuan people’s petition raised by ULMWP in 2017.
In a statement received by, ULMWP said the opening of the office is part of “advancing the struggle of the Papuan people” to achieve “long-term noble ideals.”
Documentation photos received by show a number of local ULMWP figures during the inauguration of ULMWP office in Anim-Ha Region, Merauke, Papua. (Photo: dock
In connection with the inauguration, ULMWP Anim-Ma Region issued four statements,
First, the ULMWP office in the Anim-Ma Customary Area is officially declared open.
Secondly, the Indigenous Peoples voted and appointed the deputy leader of ULMWP to be the leader of the Papuan nation in the Anim-Ha Customary Territory.
Third, Anim-Ha Indigenous People rejected Pepera 1969 on July 14, 1969 in the Anim-Ha Territory.
Fourth, it supports 1.8 million Papuan people’s petition signatures raised by ULMWP in 2017.
The statement of attitudes was signed by Legislative Representatives of ULMWP Anim-Ha Region, among others by Pangkrasi Yeem (chairman) followed by legislative representatives from the Malind Tribe, Asmat, Awuyu, Jeinan, Kanume, Kayeghar, Kimakhima, Konerauw, Muyu, Ndom, Riantana, Tamario, Wambon, Wiyaghar, Maklew and Yaghay.
According to Wikipedia, ULMWP is a unifying container of three pro-independence Papuan political movements formed on December 7, 2014 in Vanuatu. They are the Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB), West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL) and National Parliamentary of West Papua (PNWP).
On September 26 last year, ULMWP Spokesman Benny Wenda declared that he had submitted a petition for self-determination to the UN Decolonization Special Committee signed by 1.8 million Papuans. But the claim was disputed by Committee Chairman Rafael Ramirez.

Suource : Suara Papua

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