The President of the Republic has never spoken of the United States Navy in Vanuatu

The President of the Republi
The President of the Republi

The Office of the President of the Republic of Vanuatu wanted to say that he had never asked the United States Government to put his military base in Vanuatu.
But the President acknowledge their contribution during the Second World War that his base was already the New Hebrides and now the NGO as “Peace Corps” because it provided the knowledge that give children in the field of health and the field of the literate Englishman.
The President renews his appeal to the US Ambassador during the courtesy call to the State Office in 2017 who will open an Embassy in Vanuatu. This same call had marked the High Commission of England in the Solomon Islands when they visited the State Office.
The Office of the President of the Republic wanted to clarify a rumor about missionary diplomacy but not a military base
God bless and protect the government

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