Flags flying at West Papua Home

Flags flying at West Papua Home, By Len Garae
Flags flying at West Papua Home, By Len Garae

The West Papua Home in Port Vila, a gift from the people of Vanuatu is shared in the unique Melanesian way by United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) and Further Arts, a ni-Vanuatu charitable organisation which has devoted years towards the West Papua struggle.
The photograph of the Crow’s Nest we carried on the front page last Friday was not the building that was handed over to ULMWP and Further Arts. The picture was taken based on the Government invitation which said the venue of the ceremony was Crow’s Nest.
In fact the West Papua Home is the newly repaired premises on the opposite outcrop overlooking Anabrou.
The title of the land and key to the premises were handed over to the new owners last Friday following a parade from Fatumaru Bay to the venue.
We apologize for the confusion to the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs, ULMWP, Further Arts, Minister of Lands, Prime Minister, Chairman of Vanuatu Free West Papua Association and anyone who has been misled by the picture.
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