Dual nationality is not an issue

THE issue of dual nationality arose this week, with people telling The Independent that staff at the Citizenship office were telling expats they had to relinquish their previous nationality to gain Vanuatu nationality.
The simple truth is that the constitution was changed to allow dual nationality some years ago – taking effect in 2014.
For whatever reason, the information coming out of that office was completely erroneous and the only change coming to the constitution was the cost of becoming a Vanuatu citizen which, remarkably, will be reduced.
Minister Ralph Regenvanu was adamant that dual citizenship is allowable under the amendments carried out some time ago. He told The Independent on Friday that he would investigate why this false information was being distributed.
In today’s edition of The Independent, there was a typo that said Mr Regenvanu said you could not have dual citizenship, when it was meant to say you can now have dual citizenship.
The Independent apologises to Mr Regenvanu and the public for the editor’s error and any confusion it may have unintentionally caused.
The paper will continue to investigate why this office is either lying or is suddenly ignorant of the constitutional changes after some years.

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