Methodists Back West Papua

The Methodist Church in Fiji wore special ribbons as a sign of their solidarity for West Papua yesterday.
The church’s Secretary for Communication and Overseas Mission Reverend James Bhagwan said the red and black ribbons were distributed by the Pacific Conference of Churches and the Pacific Network for Globalisation.

“The Methodist Church in Fiji is a committed member of both the Pacific Conference of Churches and the Fiji Council of Churches. As such we support the call to end human rights abuses in Tanah Papua, for their social, economic and political empowerment and for self-determination,”

Reverend Bhagwan said.
“We stand in solidarity with our brothers, sisters and children of Tanah Papua. We have received their cry and we will echo it and speak this truth to power.”
Reverend Bhagwan said they were ready to work and bring an end to their sufferings.
“We affirm the work of the Pacific Conference of Churches on the West Papua issue,” he said.
“We look forward to working in partnership with them to enable self-determination in its fullest sense.”

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